Does God Hate Me? Or Am I... Just... PARANOID?

Okay let me get straight to the point.

For the last 4 years, my class has been doing something called Secret Santa. Each year, I ended up with the same person, a girl in my class. To be honest, I did have a crush on her... For quite some time, however, I "grew" out of it (I think I did :P) Anyhow, I have a strange feeling I will get her in the coming years. And yes, this is the girl, that I've known for a 4 years, and have not had a proper conversation with.

In the 1st year, when I was young and naive, I got her a teddy and a box of chocolates. In the 2nd year, I got her a Justin Bieber (who was at his "top") bracelet. In the 3rd year, I finally got fed up, and gave it to one of her ex's, which I deeply regret... And, finally, last year, I got her a teddy, and a necklace (which was much more expensive, when compared to the other gifts), and my friend said: "You went all out...".

Anyhow, just a brief background of me, and her. I'm, more or less, socially awkward, I have reasonable amount of friends, and, rephrasing what my friend said, everyone that knows me, likes me. I'm considered to be kind, nice etc. She is that popular girl in the class, that basically everyone (boy) likes, she is "hot" and is well-mannered etc.

So... What do you think of the gifts I got her? Why do you think I keep getting her? Would I get her again? Fate or God playing games? Paranoid? I don't know... Opinions?
Does God Hate Me? Or Am I... Just... PARANOID?
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