I hate being so shy. should I do something about this?

I am really starting to fall for someone and I think he is starting to feel that way too. I am scared that he may want to play with my emotions but my heart tells me he does like me. This whole thing is driving me nuts.

For a few months, i've been spending time with a guy at work only. we started with play fights and it escalated to more. he started complimenting me, but at the same time, he acted like a player. he tells my friend how cute i am, and he tells me he loves me.

my friend was telling me that he was a sweet guy. and he has said many times that he doesn't take many girls out on dates. he started being really sweet and always tells me about his life as a single dad. its weird but he can be nice but the minute i get a little close, he pulls back.

we finally got to hang out at a company outing. we both got really drunk and he ended up hugging me a lot. i went on saying nice things about him and we ended up hugging and he whispered sweet things in my ear like that he never wanted to let me go, and that he wants to see me more, and all this junk. i asked him what we can do to see eachother more and he didn't answer. i took it as rejection, so i ruined things by acting weird.

the next day, we talked about how drunk we got but pretended not to remember anything. he seemed a bit sad about it so i tried to be extra nice and i even bought him a drink. we talked in the morning. it was nice. but he slowly started to act colder. we were play fighting and suddenly he said he's done arguing with me. and i asked what i did, he said i know what i did.

a song came on about liking bitches. and he kept singing those lyrics. about not having a type but he likes bitches. he even came next to me and said, i really do. he also playfully said i should be scared right here, and he touched his heart.

i feel so bad. i like him so much but i dont know how to fix this. I dont want him to hate me.
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oh and he also kept asking me at what time i was off that day he was being an ass. I don't know if he wants to talk to me. i wish he would. i want to tell him how i feel and apologize for being a bitch. I know i am not the nicest to him, but its only because my shyness won't let me. im scared of getting hurt so thats why im scared of showing him my sweetness. even though he already thinks im so sweet. but not anymore apparently.
I hate being so shy. should I do something about this?
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