Does this mean she likes me?

My best friend is female and yesterday she wanted to go to Frankie and Benny's, even though I didn't want to I eventually gave in.
After eating dinner we just talked for next half an hour whilst she put her hand on table, fingers open and upwards which usually means she wants me to hold her hand. I do generally because I want to and sometimes I would do same as her gesturing I want to hold hands and she would respond by holding it back.
When the waitress came with bill (we were still holding hands), I gave my best friend my debit card (she knows my pin number) and explained to the waitress it was my debit card with which she said "well when you're in a relationship every is shared, what's hers is yours and what's yours are hers".
When she said the word 'relationship', my best friend looked away from me. Neither of us bothered explaining that we are just best friends, would have been too awkward.
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Although as best friends, what is mine is hers and what is hers is mine.
Does this mean she likes me?
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