10 years of harassment from an ex-friend; what should I do?

I became friends with this girl 10 years ago at school, and what was once a normal friendship quickly escalated into something stalkerish and way out of hand.

We were friends until she started to idolize me, tried to act and do everything like how I did, went as far as to steal my things, my artwork and tried to get everyone to see her like they saw me. This continued until I moved away for high school, but she took to the Internet to stalk me on there instead.

She kept up the same routine, stealing my art, tried to pretend to be me on the Internet, claimed my family members as her own and eventually made up a life similar to my real life, but on the Internet. She tried to photoshop herself to look like me, tried to take on my interests and talents and fake her way through them, the list goes on.

She kept messaging me for years, switching between angry and apologetic tones, but it all died down a few years ago. I thought she took the hint when I repeatedly blocked her on ALL my accounts online throughout the years, to which she kept making more to try to talk to me. It seemed like it was all over until today she made yet another attempt to contact me on my Twitter.

To be honest, I'd like to message her and give her a piece of my mind, but I also recognize that she's emotionally unstable and anything I say might push her over the edge, and as much as I hate her I'm not willing to do that to her. Everyone says to ignore it, but I mean come on, this has been going on for 10 YEARS. I'm tired of this already. I want something to end this for good, and if I could I would have reported her to the police already, but my state does not have any laws protecting me from cyberstalking or cyber harassment.
10 years of harassment from an ex-friend; what should I do?
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