Why Do They CARE? Opinions Pleas?

I've had a situation where a group of boys at uni tried to get my number/get me to sleep with them but because I refused they have been trying to blacken my name. Basically making lies about me around the university to a load of guys and girls. They also have been telling a load of girls about the situation and saying I slept with all of them. Now these girls have come to/on me like a pack of hyenas. following me on social media, following me in the library and acting like children bullying me. It's almost as if they envy me or are jealous or the attention I receive off the guys they must like. Even thought those same guys are still trying to come after me and sleep with me since spreading rumours.. I am a respectable young lady.

Which I will never understand why they try and hurt me when I have done nothing to them and it has nothing to do with them. I have the option to change universities or go back, I'm leaning more towards changing universities though. These guys have labelled me as a 'slut' and everyone I come in contact tends to look down on me as they believe the rumours. What should I do?
Why Do They CARE? Opinions Pleas?
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