Whjy do I always feel dread with almost everything I do?

I just do... even having to be awake and having to think about shit i don't nessicarily want to do but have to do or just thinking abou waking up earlier tomorrow to go phone my local college to see if the time for my haircut is confirmed or not (because they never did confirm it), i dread it... i have this almost gut wrenching dread in my stomach... why do i feel this way? i've feel this way for a long time now and it's the worst when i go to job interviews... i'm riddlied with this dread in my stomach and i just can't figure out why... does anyone else get this way? why do you get like this?, it stops me from doing almost anything and i cannot even think or see straight, everything feels like such a bad experience for me.
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I tend to not like being around huge amounts of people ether except for concerts but in general if it's a crowded pub or being stuck in the middle of several people around me or just too many people in 1 building i get so overwhelmed, i can't think at all... and i have been bullied a lot and i still do... maybe that is what triggured me to feel this way? i don't know... just i can't even get myself up to get a shower most days.
Whjy do I always feel dread with almost everything I do?
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