How to get over envy and jealousy?

I'm extremely jealous of my friend, which just makes me mad because I shouldn't be. But, it constantly feels like we are in a competition. She seems like she always wants to do better than me and most of the time she does! Just recently, we took a test and she was complaining about getting a 96 on her English test. I got a 91 and I was okay with that! I just can't stand it sometimes, I just feel like she is better than me at everything especially when it comes to working hard. Even in my friend group I have a range of a low A or a high B and all of them don't have a grade lower than a 97. It sucks. :( I don't know, I think the green eyed monster or whatevef they call it is chewing me up and bringing me down. I just don't know what to do now!

What can I do to stop feeling jealous?
How to get over envy and jealousy?
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