How's your life checklist? Have you done what people your age should have done?

Looking back at my short 20 years on Earth as the Illusive Man... I realized... how much of what I should have done by now is yet to be done and how much extra-curricular that really isn't expected has been...

Which if I want to graduate life academy before I'm 50 , I might have to overload credits...

1) You should have had a part time job ✖
It's not a job... it's an "experience" , "volunteering". You're paid in "experience"

2) You should know how to drive ✖
I don't have a car

3) You should have sampled some class C drugs, just because.. ✖
There are people smoking hookah pipes around but I never took a whiff cos my schedule is packed.

4) You should have slept with someone you actually liked ✖
I haven't slept with anyone :/

5) You should have told someone, not your best friend, you love them

It got a bit weird, nothing came of it.

6) You should have at least thought about moving out

I am living in another continent solo.

7) You should have a vague idea of what you might want to do after college.
Vague idea is an understatement, I have an idea what I want to do but I read that the job market for it is a bit... shoddy.

8) You should have travelled a bit-

Been to 3 continents so I guess a bit.

9) Kissed someone famous

Palmela Handerson doesn't count

10) Have mastered the smokey eye

I'm a guy

11) Done something charitable

That's the least I can do.

12) Accepted you can’t be hungover all the time

Never been in an alcoholic phase.

15) Bitch slapped someone

16) Been to a festival

It was shit. The lines were long , there are trash all over the place.

17) Had sex outside..

NOOOOoope , I'm fucking up my life , does that count?

18) Watched a boxset in it’s entirety

Watched Band of Brothers in 1 go.

19) Been to confession

Yes , did that at Vatican

21) Dumped someone you don’t actually like
Done most what people my age should have done
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How's your life checklist? Have you done what people your age should have done?
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