Friday night moral hangover, what should I do?

Friday night was a gf's brithday, we went clubbing to this really fancy club and she invited a group of people from my high school, she was there too but she is a year younger than me. Anyways the guys she invited they know me but we never like hang out or even talk to each other, we just say hi when we run into each other. They invited more guys so we had a nice time, I liked one of the guys who I didn't know. We stared talking and dancing and we ended up making out at the very end, just before we left.
Then I realised they knew a guy who I kinda have a crush on,. The guy I have a crush on we had one class together and last weekend we were at a party together and exchanged phone numbers.

Then when we left the club I drunk texted him "Your friends came to the club with us, and I thought you would come! very bad!"
He obviously answered me next morning, and we have been talking.
I asked the guy that if he could not tell anyone about what happened, we sneaked and made out in the dark of the club but still, and one of the other guys was making out in plain sight with a friend so I think they would be talking about that.
Should I tell the guy again not to say anything? or just forget about it and pretend nothing ever happened?
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We texted all the weekend, today we stopped texting... but I think I will see him tomorrow, should I kind of look for him or just wait till he is around?
Friday night moral hangover, what should I do?
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