How to get close to guys?

How to get close to a guy? So for like almost 4 weeks (I just moved) i had to sit alone at lunch because i didn't know anyone and i still kinda dont. But this one guy i had talked that is also in my English class like twice maybe, and we sat together once in class. Today i was in the cantine when he asked me if i was going to eat lunch and i said yes, so he asked if he could join me. I said ofc yes, and we had lunch together. I think he's the guy i have come most close to, even though we aren't close at all, or i live with a guy, and he gave me a hug (lol), so i guess im kinda close to both. Anyway i think that i have a good chance of getting them as friends i can hang out with outside school, but im not very good at that "taking it ot the next level", and no, not in a sexual/romantic way.
I also have this problem when it comes to girls. So how to make them want to be my friend basically?(i know this makes he sound like im 13) lol How to make them comfortable around me and making them want to take me out drinking etc. They are both 23 i think, and im 20, so im kinda worried that they will think of me as "too young" or somethng like that.
How to get close to guys?
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