How to stop feeling lonely?

WAIT. listen.

I have been depressed for a while because of personal reasons that I'm not very comfortable to talk about yet, not that anyone would care anyway hehe, the reason behind my depression resulted in me having to leave school and be homeschooled. It's been TWO years now. my friends at school (even guys) who used to call me beautiful, gorgeous, etc now call me a depressed F.. and an outcast. even my sister said I'm anti social, she doesn't know it bothers me when she keeps saying that like girl I know just get on with your very sociable life thank you... It just gets to me. it hurts really. members of my family call me a housewife as a way to make others laugh.. ALL of it just bothers me.

oh did I also mention that my depression made me gain weight? I used to be 67kg then went to 121KGS (height 161) and now I'm 65kg yeah I know I should be proud of myself and I am. but I have no one. this is my problem. no friends whatsoever. I have been living between four walls just passing time and being nothing in society. I literally never go out of my room, I hardly ever see my own parents because I'm always in my room. I tried getting makeup done, hair buy clothes etc to feel better and thank you god I do but I'm still lonely. I tried joining gyms and classes and volunteering but I came out with no friends. I tried strolling down the streets hoping to meet someone.. nope. I'm just bored with my life I feel like I no longer want to live I used to be suicidal a year ago... and it's coming back I'm scared.
How to stop feeling lonely?
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