Does anyone else get irritated with small talk?

"So... nice weather we're having."

... We're standing in a fucking mail room line. What the hell does the weather have to do with anything? How is that relevant, or impactful, to anything?

Literally, stop and think for a second. That topic you just threw out at me, literally, if I follow it, leads to nowhere.

Me: "Yeah, the forecast says it's going to be pretty rainy in the next couple of days."

Person: "Yeah, crazy right?"

Me: "Yeah."

That's it. There's no well of depth. There's no enriching subject. It's just the weather. And now you have to sit here looking like an idiot cause now you're desperately searching for another topic just because you can't stand silence.

Like somehow you like to waste words and would rather have a 100 shitty conversations, instead of 3 quality conversations that pertain to something relevant and lead to actual intelligent and insightful conversation.

Like, I'm okay with starting off conversation with small subjects, but how the fuck can you not tell the difference between starting a conversation that can lead to indepth conversation, and starting a conversation that leads to nowhere?
Does anyone else get irritated with small talk?
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