Am I judgmental or am I just like most people?

is it very judgmental of me to say that a guy looks like a "bad boy"? This guy at the gym gave me "i want you"-look and after that i have been thinking about him and what would happen if he ex. had sex or started dating etc. He kinda looks like a guy that will give you the best fuck of your life, but will also be the biggest douche you have ever met. He will lead you on, and you will have amazing sex together, but then he will keep you hanging and you will be heartbroken and you can never have sex again with another guy and enjoy it because his sex was amazing. He has a great body, cute face and has a really cute ass.
I know i know, it stereotyping big time, but im guessing he has some ideas on how he think i am or how i act etc. For all i know he could be a super sweet guys that will cherish the girl he's with. but i always have these ideas in my head on what people are like, or what their intentions are, but im usuall very wrong.. am i just a very judgmental person
Am I judgmental or am I just like most people?
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