What's so awful about making a guy something to eat?

I mean seriously, it's just food. I understand it comes with an association, but it's not a burka it's just food

We had a few friends over at my house the other night and some of my housemates were still making dinner.
And before I got to the kitchen apparently one of them said something like "will any of you lovely ladies make me dinner?" And he addressed that to a room of 4 girls and 3 guys. So people were giving him a lot of shit about being sexist and why he didn't include the guys.

Then when I came in he said "will YOU make me dinner" and I said that I don't mind.
And then people were giving the two of us a lot of shit for that. And I know a lot of it were jokes, but a lot of it they also meant.
It just got me wondering what is the big deal? We're not dating so by all mean I don't cook for him everyday but I know he had a rough day that day, so as I said, I don't mind doing that. And also he is a terrible chef and it pains me to see him cook.
But it's like people think it's something evil.
What's so awful about making a guy something to eat?
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