I need help talking to a girl over facebook?

This girl went to my middle school but i never got the chance to know her, and now she goes to a different high school. she's friends with some of mine so there's a little connection, and i messaged her on Facebook not too long ago to try to have a conversation. It went bad and a few days later i said i was sorry for the awkwardness and we could try to start over if she wanted, and she didn't respond which is her saying no. I still have a crush on her and have been trying to think of anything else i can do and she posted a video of her playing a song on the piano. there's nothing wrong with me messaging her saying good job on the song and recommending a song to learn is there? It is a legit reason, or as legit as itll probably get, and i am complimenting her a little.
There's nothing wrong with messaging her about that
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I need help talking to a girl over facebook?
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