Girls, could you be friends with "the other woman"?

I know we've seen it in girl-power comedies like The Other Woman. But, not too long ago, I was made "the other woman" by someone I had casually hooked up with from time to time (we actually had a friendship and almost romantic relationship before he got distant and things went to shit). I didn't know he had been dating someone for two months until a few minutes after the sex was over. A week later, I told the girl and she was very thankful. She and I checked in on one another because we knew we were both hurting from the whole thing. She broke up with him and was grateful for it, while he and I continued a weird hot and cold sexting/hookup relationship for a while (over now). I was wondering if your situations were similar to mine (the girl didn't know, she told you, was truly sorry for everything, was also hurt by the guy, etc.) could you see yourself becoming friends with that girl?
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Girls, could you be friends with "the other woman"?
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