Have you ever got judged for your weight (apperance wise)?

I don't think I worded my questions right but here's what happend. So im 5'2, 15 years old and weigh in the lower 100's so im slim. Anyway I was at this convention, it was snowing so I had a huge coat on and I was going to buy a couple shirts/jackets. I asked for a small shirt and the lady gives me this looks, sucks her teeth and says, " maybe you need a bigger size" I was thinking that the small was really tiny so I got a medium. After trying on the medium I noticed that it went all the way to my tighs :/, and the same thing happend with this lady trying to give me a extra large which went down to my knees. All because of me wearing a big coat when in reality I don't weight that much.

And another question,
Do you think that cashiers should persuay their customers to buy different sizes or keep their opinons to themselves?
Have you ever got judged for your weight (apperance wise)?
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