Need of external insight! What do I do?


I am at college and there's this nice guy. The thing is he's younger than me of 8 years or something. I feel he likes me back. There is also this girl (we all takes the same classes), and I can tell she likes him. Like on Monday we were working on a project us girl he was sitting next to us so he kept helping us. She was eyeing him (in a I'll could be your gf kinda way) and he was just looking through her and and then at me. And it was like painful to be a part of this, she's a friend.

I feel conflicted because I like him but in the meantime she's younger like about his age so she's a better fit for him. And I feel I should hint him that she likes him. He always says (complaint) that he's single.

So what do I do. I obviously needs an external pov!
Need of external insight! What do I do?
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