Are guys easier to trust than girls?

I noticed over many years that guys are easier to believe. Now, before anyone starts pointing fingers at me for sexism, I must say that nothing of the sort is intended, because I believe in equality and I treat both genders equally with respect.

I'm not bitter towards any gender. This is only a self-statistic.

It seems like when you make a mistake or do something wrong, a guy will throw punches at you, or get mad, up front, and into your face.

When it comes to girls, however, they will keep it in, and then eat you from the inside for the rest of your friendship about it.

I sometimes wish girls would speak up and be more aggressive about it. I want to actually see a girl yelling at me or nagging about something I did wrong.

When a person sugarcoats something, it's not my job to identify the problem, because doing so will damage their trust in me. All I can do is nod, be a good friend and believe, but keep all doubts to myself.

That can be stressing in the long run. I'm not one to cling onto what people think of me, but there has to be trust and harmony somewhere. You have to chill and be down to earth with each other at some point.

You see, in my own experiences, people who don't get mad at me leave uncomfortable doubts. On the bright side, it's less effective with talkative people.

I wasn't sure now if this should be a take or a question, but I want people to share their opinions. Guys/Girls, who are easier to trust and why?
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Note: This is about every day social situations.
Are guys easier to trust than girls?
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