Why doesn't anyone want to talk to me in school?

I am a girl and a freshman in high school. I am in a dance class with a bunch of girls in school and we're supposed to be a "family" because we always work together, but when we talk, people never talk to me unless I talk to them first.

They ALWAYS talk to this other girl who is pretty (but I'm pretty as well). This girl is white, but I'm Asian, although I have heard many times that I am beautiful/pretty and I wear makeup.

Anyway, why does EVERYONE talk to her, but not me? We don't even have a popular group in our school, no one is more popular than anyone else.

I just feel very excluded and alone because the girls always talk to that specific girl but not me, but I am pretty like her. Oh and I'm nice, friendly, outgoing, and I love a good party. I will always talk to the girls in my dance class but it's always me who initiates. But with the other pretty girl, she doesn't even have to try and they will talk to her. Why is this happening?
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Any opinions please? I really feel very lonely :( Any advice or help would be much appreciated.
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Any other opinions? Honestly need help :) And I am social, I don't wait around for people to talk to me. I talk to lots of people! But they don't reciprocate!
Why doesn't anyone want to talk to me in school?
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