Weird to message a girl I like on Facebook?

Hi. There is a girl I find pretty damn cute on my uni course, and I was wondering whether or not to message her on Facebook, we have talked a few times in person but we are both really quiet and shy kinds of people so we dont talk all that often. I catch her looking at me quite often and she tends to watch me if I walk past, but making direct eye contact doesn't last very long as we both tend to look away haha. This all sounds pretty good but I just get a feeling she isn't actually interested, and we are near the end of the first year now so it would seem like a really random point in time to just message her like "hey" as she would probably wonder why I didn't talk to her earlier on, or you know she would just ignore me. I just get the impression that messaging a girl on Facebook is quite creepy, I just imagine those weird "pls respond" guys and while obviously im not going to say crap like that, I just have a feeling I would give off that kind of impression. So yeah

Is it weird to message a girl on Facebook just out of the blue? Does it come off as creepy or weird?
Thanks :D
Weird to message a girl I like on Facebook?
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