Do you guys like to cook? GaG cook-off?

Do y'all like to cook? I do (sometimes lol) Let's have a GaG cook-off! Post some pictures of food that YOU'VE cooked. I wanna see yalls cooking skills! What is your favorite thing to cook? Do people like your cooking? I like making breakfast. Everybody loves my eggs lol.

My pink/purple pancakes and eggs. I felt like adding some pizazz to my breakfast so I colored my pancake batter lol

My famous banana pudding. My bro-in-law ate a whole pan in a day!

I bake! Cupcakes I made for my best friends baby shower.

This is more what I eat these days lol. Green smoothie prep.

This is a little look into my kitchen lol.

Your turn!
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Oh come on guys! I thought this would be fun!
Do you guys like to cook? GaG cook-off?
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