Is it weird to not want friends?

I dont have a lot of friends & I realized today that I dont really want them either. My boyfriend is my bestest friebd in the world & Im ok with that. He knows me , loves and accepts me for who I am. One of my associates just came by my house to see me for a bit, its been a while since we've last seen each other and it was a bit awkward at firat, but after a while it was just like old times. Anyways. I dnt want friends because then you have to entertain them & I really didn't feel like stopping watching my show to entertain her (not trying to be mean) I rather hangout with my boyfriend, work and go to the gym, and watch netflix and my shows on tv. Doea this all sound weird? Is there anyone else who feels the same as me? Also friends come with drama. And I dont have time for that lol.
Is it weird to not want friends?
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