I am a big fat liar... what is your opinion on my life?

Hi, I'm 21, college student and I never had a girlfriend. I lied since I was 17 that I have had sexual experiences to my guy friends to become validated by them, I know a lot about sex and to be honest, I've never had any real experience. I'm a smart guy and I'm a pretty damn good liar when it comes to anything really, I've told (when asked) about my sexual "experiences". SO. I met this girl and she is probably a virgin and she's really shy and we really are into each other...

When it comes down to it, should I stick to this Old Lie of mine and be truthful to My lie if she asks, or that I've never kissed a girl before, and if she didn't either, should I lie and continue with this? it barely comes up in convo, and even if I brought up my "experiences" I can bullsh*t my way...

its the ethics of it really. I'm comfortable to continue telling the same old lie that I've used for these past years.. but to someone I care about? I can keep lying no problem. I probably will when the topic comes up, however I want to know what you guys think.

and none of that you're going to hell or THAT'S WRONG! or bs. I'm not gonna argue with simple reflexive answers like that. I'm looking for the real deal here, if someone can reply with something worth discussing about.

but another snag is that if I come out, all my friends will discover this and I become the big fat liar. the joke. the guy who never got laid, etc. I know how it looks. and the need to continue lying outweighs the necessity to tell the truth in all ethical sense. sounds like I'm answering my own question... but what do you guys feel about my pathetic liar of a life? any comments/advice(lol) give it up.

I am a big fat liar... what is your opinion on my life?
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