White lives matter?

I have a question about the whole "black lives matter" thing, i understand why it was started and i appreciate the reason for why people continue to hashtag/say/preach it and everything but am i the only one that thinks its a little "over the top"? To me its almost implying that black lives matter and no other colour person lives matter? We're all one race, everyones life matters it doesn't matter what your skin colour is if you have a life then you matter.
Why do black people continue to preach this as if everyone should be preaching it? If someone was to go round saying #whitelivesmatter #mixedlivesmatter #latina/latinolivesmatter #bluelivesmatter it would get no where near the amount of media attention that #blacklivesmatter gets?
For me personally i would rather preach "human lives matter" whether you're black or not.
White lives matter?
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