Where's #BlackLivesMatter when it's needed?

Tyshawn Lee, a 9 year old from the South Side of Chicago, was lured into an alley and executed. 7 times he was shot... by members of a black gang.
Apparently the father is a gang member, and that's why his kid was murdered.
Her mother asked for money for the funeral, which she received, but instead of spending it on the funeral, she bought a new car.

A 9 year old kid was shot 7 times, but where's the #BlackLivesMatter here? Where are the riots? How is it possible they rioted for a guy who attacked a cop, but they don't for the murder of a small and innocent kid?
Don't black lives matter if they're killed by other black people?
When are they gonna step up to stop this barbaric acts in their own communities?

I'm sorry, but I'm outraged with all this, cause I still can't believe the way this kid was murdered, and how the mother lost all the respect for her son by using that money to buy a car. And what's worse is that a criminal is given more support than a little kid.
Where's #BlackLivesMatter when it's needed?
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