Ramen Noodles?

OK, I know that this is a totally random question, but whatever! I'm in college so one of my go-to foods is Ramen noodles. Now, I've always refered to them as "Ramens," but apparently I'm a abberation, because everyone else I know just calls them "Ramen." This just seems so weird to me! So anyway, what do you call them: Ramens or Ramen? (Fill in the blank: "I'm hungry; maybe I'll eat some _____")
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+1 y
Wow I'm definitely an abberation then! To me it makes sense, like each noodle is a Ramen... thus since I am eating multiple noodles, I am eating Ramens. I never even knew I said it weird until I came to college! Haha thanks for the answers :)
Ramen Noodles?
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