Does my coworker like me?

I think he might like me based on the signals I think I have gotten, but I'm not sure if I was analyzing everything too much, and I want some other opinions. Here are some things I've noticed:

- He came up to me and asked me what my name was, even though I am pretty sure he heard several people say my name and just used it as an excuse to talk to me, but it could be legit. He asked me my name, I told him, then he introduced himself.

- I had got done wiping the cold table down at work, and he wiped his dirty rag all over my table and was like, "You missed a spot. Oh, you missed another one, and another one". I looked at him and jokingly told him I was gonna punch him in the face, and he laughed.

- I was sweeping and he had brought the dust pan over to help me sweep it up and was walking around to the areas I was sweeping, when he could had easily been doing about 10 other things instead of helping me.

- When I was cutting bread (I work at a sub place) I could see from the corner of my eyes he kept on looking at me, since he was working on the line right next to me.

- We had to sweep/mop behind the cold table, so we pulled it out and I went to sweep/mop it, and he handed me the broom and mop, and stood there watching me sweep and mop.

- Whenever I'd walk by, he'd look at me.

- When we were talking, I could tell he was really looking into my eyes.

- I just noticed he was looking at me a lot in general. If I couldn't directly see him looking at me, I could surely feel it.

Yes, no? Flirty, friendly? Opinions?


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What Guys Said 1

  • base on the info you give, I think he likes you.

    he is trying to have a conversation with you. send a signal back, see what happen

    can you tell when you go to work, the love is in the air?


What Girls Said 1

  • I think he does because of the fact I am going through the same thing but in my situation, I'm a security officer for the building, the guy flirts with me, I'm guessing because of the fact he asks me how I'm doing every time he walks by, even though he walked past me five minutes before, its hard because I recently got divorced and he's the first guy that is a genuine nice hard worker... I was married to a big time loser before...m.