I want to move out now! Should I (read senario)? If yes how could I and not go broke?

(ive asked similar questions (wasn't poll need more clear cut responses) didn't get a whole lotta replies (please reply) and its my of venting rn)

My parents are very strict and I want to move out
NOT allowed to do:
have friends
have cell phone (never had one)
go outside
girlfriend (never had one)

Like two days ago my parents tried to get mad at me cause I didn't pray before i left for school (in 12) when i was late bc my brother messed up my alarm clock (without my knowledge) that was set.
Last week i almost got in trouble for not praying in my room for 3 hours. My dad threatened to not feed me as much if I dnt start "obeying" everything they say.
Yesterday my dad tried me acting like he is gonna hit me because I didn't run upstairs cause I was trying to untie a bread bag while he was on the phone.
Today he tried me cause I didn't come over fast enough to go pray? I was rinsing my plate before i put it down when he started yelling and acting like he is going to hit me
I feel like a fuckin slave and i am really about to hit the man if he trys to physically hit me, i swear
They feed me, dnt really hit me (abuse even though that is the threatened punishment), and provide for me school wise. Clothes shopping is a different story but at least i have some clothes (they are well off (about 90-100K a year) and i only have about 6 shirts and 5 pants)

I have a 3.7 GPA by the way. Im going to a perimeter college since im not allowed to go to a dorm (ill be at home) in a university. Im thinking about transferring next year and living in a dorm or something (cause i dnt wanna stay at home for.4-8 more years)
Should i stay or leave?
If i did could i support myself?'
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+1 y
i just want a happy life and not be nagged all the time
+1 y
more answers please!!! I mean move out after 2 semesters (2017) when i am 18 years old
I want to move out now! Should I (read senario)? If yes how could I and not go broke?
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