Do I have bad genetics?

Do I have bad genetics?

Well people tell me I have bad genetics for these two reasons. So I'm considering if I should have children because people act like I'm genetically inferior. Including my old friends in middle school and high school I had to cut off because they kept bullying me.

Number 1- I have lazy eye and I have to wear glasses and contact lenses and I need eye exercises to improve my vision. Most likely my kids are gonna be crossed eyed and they are going to need glasses, contract lenses as well. Or some type of eye aid..

Number 2- my appearance. My parents say that if your hair is Afro textured or you have 4C hair your hair disgusting and it looks ugly. My dad brags about his hair and says it's better and we all have bad hair and it's better to look like a biracial or mixed chick. So I'm basically screwed for life.

My friend just suggested that I have kids with a white man so my kids will have good hair and not have to be bullied and bashed for their hair like I am now.

I want to have kids in the future but I feel like I shouldn't because what my family and kids at school say there's something wrong with me because of these two reasons and I can't change these reasons.

Even f I have kids I fear that my family will tease, make fun of my kids because they look like me. Because apparently looking like me is a bad thing. :/
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Do I have bad genetics?
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