Why do people hate Muslims so much?

Before I start, I'm not Muslim. I've just noticed that a lot of people have a dislike to them when they hardly even know them. Most of them are good people, I live in an area in England which has quite a high number of immigrants so we get very different range of people from all over the world. What i can see is that Muslims have a hard time fitting in with different people which leads to them living in areas which are Muslim populated and can cause problems because they haven't integrated into the community properly. They are just like everyone else yet a small minority of them have given them all a bad name which has had huge negative impacts on them and it's just sad to see all of the hate they get. You see videos on the internet of them being verbally and physically abused simply because of them being Muslim. Them being Muslim isn't a crime. A huge majority of Muslims believe in peace yet the media portrays them badly and just ruins their name. This just needs to stop.
Why do people hate Muslims so much?
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