Why are most teenagers so offended by everything nowadays?

When I was a teenager I was carefree and enjoying my youth with little thought about anything but having fun and laughing my way through being being a teen and enjoying my youth. didn't give much of an opinion on anything outside my little teen bubble.
now kids get offended by everything, rather than enjoying their youth they care so much about adult matters or things that happened before they were even born. It's like they are trying to hard to be adults rather than being young and carefree. I'm confused with this younger generation, they wear makeup to physically change their facial features to unrecognisable, not the mascara and lipbalms we wore but more shop dummy looks, boys wearing girls clothing or girls wearing boys clothing and calling themselves gender fluid, All the while being offended by older generation who just sit back and shake their heads at them. Which is my next point someone explain to me what gender fluid is exactly? In my not so long youth we would have called that transvestism, but that's offensive apparently? So I don't know.

what I find offensive is those that's offended by everything walking about wearing clothes made in Chinese sweatshops by kids as young as 5 being paid 1p per day, or the thick contour oil makeup they wear that was tested on animals just for them to look offended and good at the same time. So if they want to be offended by everything why not start with the clothes they wear?

Just stop being offended! Be happy and be young, plenty time to grow up and never mind being offended..

Ill probably get hammered by sulky teens but it's ok I won't take offence
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Gang culture is at its nastiness it's now posting videos of kids being beaten up on social media... while others all stand about laughing and taking videos... I'd hate to be a teenager nowadays... we only fought one on one and next day was forgotten about, now it's plastered on the net forever..
Why are most teenagers so offended by everything nowadays?
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