How do you feel about bullying?

I thought this would make a great question. I just posted a myTake about the newest internet fad and how it encourages bullying, and I was met with the argument that bullying is not all bad and it apparently makes you stronger. Others would argue that bullying does the exact opposite and makes you weaker, and that it needs to be eradicated. How do you feel?
How do you feel about bullying?
Do you think bullying allows you to grow thicker skin and is a part of life, or do you think that it makes you weaker and is something that cowards take part in?
Bullying is not all bad. It allows the kid to grow thicker skin, and stresses that the world is not all butterflies and rainbows.
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Bullying is BAD. It's something that cowardly kids do to make themselves feel better and causes emotional harm to the victim.
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Bullying has both its benefits and drawbacks.
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Here I see the take I wrote about how this challenge encourages bullying. ^
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here is*
How do you feel about bullying?
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