Why are some people so hostile?

I think some men just feel invisible. Invisible men I call them. The Invisible Men.

Seriously though, I was talking to someone earlier and I was having a pleasant conversation and this guy just flips out and calls me an idiot. Because god forbid I disagree with him. And even if that guy was a troll, I run into people like this all the time and I don't think they're all trolls.

How do you think people turn out this way? Bad parenting?

It's not just on the internet either. There are people like this irl as well.
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It sounds whiny and naïve, but there are more people that fit this mold then there used to be. I don't mean assholes or rude people or controversial people I mean people with an axe to grind. Who are looking for a chance to call you an idiot and cuss you out. People with, I almost want to say, an "evil" soul.
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Getting angry is one thing but when you can't have pleasant conversation -just completely incapable of it- it illustrates a lack of empathy

Why are some people so hostile?
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