Why is being a teenager so hard, and why does everyone say it's so easy?

If you're going to comment things like "wait til you're older, kid!" I really don't care. I've heard all of them and I remain at my stance.

I know all stages of life bring their own difficulties, but I guess being a teenager is the first you have to overcome. (Which explains why the depression rate is higher for teens: in my country 1:15 while adults 1:20)

But why is it so incredibly hard? It seems like no one does anything to help you anymore at this point, while I so desperately need it.

I have to live everyday in insecurity. I have no clue what i want to do with my life yet I'm expected to know. The things I do want to do are written off/deemed impossible/cost money/require me to be older. I have to handle the stress of juggling school, a job, hobbies, homework, and all of these rules, boundaries and expectations. Not to mention the weight of the world and all its complications. It seems so much easier and more fun to be of the age 20-40. That's when you're discovering things and taken seriously. This all feels like an inbetween stage I don't want to be in.

How do I deal with this? How did you deal with it?
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I feel as though the older generation (now 40-60 years old) think being a ternagwr now is the same as back in the day. My mom had an amazing time as a teenager and do did all my aunts. But what they explained to me the world seemed much better than it is now.

Also: I know being an adult isn't necessarily easy, it just seems easier.
Why is being a teenager so hard, and why does everyone say it's so easy?
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