What would you do if this was your father?

Let's say your 25 years old and have a 78 year old father named Gilbert and your mother is dead. Your dad is nice, but he's kinda stupid and childish. He loves looking at magazines filled with beautiful woman. One day a attractive blue eyed 19 year old woman named Maria comes over the house. She smiles and cooks dinner for the both of you and your dad chuckles and says thank you Maria. She just smiles. She gives your dad his pills, helps him to bed. Two months after knowing her One night you walk in on Maria pulling down her panties and lifting up her skirt in front of your father who's grinning really big, before this Maria would lift up her dress, show your father her panties and giggle.

how would this make you feel? What would you do?
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What would you do if this was your father?
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