Not sure if I should text her again...

This girl that WAS in one of my classes was giving me mixed signals all the time. She seems really really shy which has made this very hard for me since I'm the same way.

3 months ago I asked her out but she said she was busy. Then 3 weeks ago after our final exam I asked her out for coffee which she agreed to. Then last week I called her, she didn't pick up, so I left a message telling her id love to see her again.

I figured if she didn't she just wouldn't respond to me. But she did, only it was with a text message just saying hi and laughing at a joke I made. I replied to this text and then never heard from her again.

I really want to just ask her out finally next week but not sure if she's hoping I leave her alone...Sometimes I think that when I texted her back she never got it and so thought I changed my mind. But then why wouldn't she call me or something? she is shy though, but still. If she didn't want to talk to me or see me anymore, why say hi to me after I call?
Not sure if I should text her again...
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