What are we going to do about the metropolitan liberal elite?

I'm speaking mainly in a British context here, but people from around the world, feel free to chip in, because - let's face it - we've all got a metropolitan liberal elite in our country, no matter where we come from.

Today, in the UK, we were treated to a speech by former Prime Minister (and probably most people's unprompted response, when polled, to the question 'Who do you think is the most despised person in the United Kingdom?'), Tony Blair.

Tone is trying to keep Britain in the EU, which we voted to leave last year, by claiming that people "don't understand the misery and pain" it might cause. He wanted the UK to join the euro - what about the misery and pain that that actually IS causing in southern Europe, Tone?

This, from the man, who lied to Parliament, who unleashed mass demographic change upon the nation (without a mandate, mind), and who helped to create hell on earth in the Middle East.

Yet he still feels qualified to pontificate on this subject, and tell the majority of the country that they got the answer wrong, simply because he disagrees with it.

What are we going to do about people like Tone?

  • It really is way past time for them to shut up
  • I think they still have a lot to contribute
  • Don't know
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  • Voted A as I really can't stand the man - he had his day and is now trying to find his way back into UK politics and Brexit is the vehicle. I get it, he wants to stay relevant, but telling the UK to try and break Brexit is ridiculous - we have been subjected to terrorism, loss of jobs, housing, education, legal services due to the immigration spikes as well as religious radicalisation and other things. Brexit needs to happen so that we close our borders and regain and retain our British way of life. This is about the UK and not the Euro, the Eurozone (which politicians are now starting to admit is not working) or what Angela Merkel wants. The UK will still get trade deals (we have a financial hub in London) and people will still want a piece of the UK just as much as it did before. The people of the UK have spoken and the time for change is now.

    • Thanks for an excellent answer.

      In the days since I asked the question, and you answered, it is starting to emerge that Tone lobbied the US government to release a Guantanamo inmate, who was originally from the UK, and got him £1,000,000 in compensation. This inmate has just gone out with a bang as an Isil suicide bomber in Mosul.

      Hopefully, Tone's remarkable reverse Midas touch will continue to go from strength to strength!

    • Good old Tony doing his bit. Badly. Again !
      Thanks for MHO.

    • Hoping his intervention is just in the nick of time for today's by-elections!

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  • As an American it's not my place to tell the Brits what they should think. But because I love the UK and the British people (and want the UK to remain British) I was very glad that they voted to leave the EU by a significant margin. And I've read that Tony Blair allowed massive amounts of immigration into the UK during his tenure as PM, much if not most of it from the Muslim world. Blair is like so many other globalist elites: He's a multi-culturalist, open borders ideologue. And thank god for the Brits that the UK didn't abandon its own currency and adopt the Euro.


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  • Tony is not someone I listen to. I'm left wing, pro-Europe and liberal, and I still have plenty of dislike for him (*cough* Iraq *cough*).

    Regarding the Middle East, I'd say he only sustained, not created - the creation of the mess was our fault, but it was back in WW1 with the Sykes-Picot Agreement, Balfour Declaration and McMahon–Hussein letters that the issues began. That is not me arguing what he did was right. Iraq was a shambles.

    The EU? A single currency will only work if every nation in the world abides by it, so he was wrong about the Euro.

    As stated above, I'm a Remainer, but his comments today were unhelpful and divisive. I'm disappointed with he result, but I respect we must now attempt to go our own way - rather than blocking exit we ought to focus on securing that which the EU granted us that was good.

    I don't personally think Blair is one of a group of "metropolitan liberal elite" , and he certainly doesn't influence me (whom you might assume to be his target audience). If there is such a group, they have less influence than you grant them (look at financing of elections in America and you'll find it's a conservative, right wing elite spending millions).

  • I am still waiting for the other shoe to drop on Brexit. Haven't seen article 50 yet.

    I think Britain will go along with its exit then ask for a trade deal with EU. Then the EU will impose whatever restrictions it wants so Britain will go back to where it was but it will have absolutely no say in the matter. Probably a little less because the France and German really want to the financial sector of England to move to theirs.

    After that Trump will negotiate a 'deal' with Britain. The guy threaten his creditors for money and pretty much didn't pay his people and sued them instead. I doubt he would give anything reasonable on the table.

    That leaves Chinese and Aussie. Neither are great importers but are absolutely fantastic sellers with made from China goods and Aussie farm products.

    The greatest export product the British have would be it's financial sector. Yes, the metropolitan elites you mentioned. With the French and German trying to fill the hole left by Brexit (gleefully), the only countries who will need the services of British financial sector would be the 3rd world countries. These guys have really weak systems. There should be a fairly lucrative market for England to pursue once it's free of the EU.

    India, Vietnam and similar countries will be great markets if you can navigate their convulsed systems.

    Overall, jobs aren't going to come back to England. Even if they do, the jobs will go into automations and the few engineers who run them.

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