Should you let a guy go if he is going off to college?

should I let my boyfriend go if he is going off to college or should I spend these last few months with him it feels awkward

but he told me he would be back

but he just wants to have fun'

and I know what that means

were just going to be friends when he leaves but still


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  • :) Well if I was with someone leaving soon, I would spend time with them, because even if I will never see them again, I know that I liked them because of who they are, not because of how long they will be here.

    If they are already making the acquaintance casual...That would be painful,so in that case I'd just let myself go- they are already gone...

    > I always wonder why people say " I let him /her go " , " should let / her him go? " " I want him/ her to let ,me go...'

    No one has that kind of power over anyone, it is a funny way to put it, really it s wether the person will let YOU HAVE THEM. <

    If the feeling is still there, I would def take advantage of the time we HAVE together, not the time we will soon NOT have together. ;)

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