"Don't dip your pen in the company ink." Opinions?

One thing my father always taught me is that you should never date co-workers or clients or patients. Basically, you should never try to date someone you met through work or use your job as a way of meeting men/women because you could be jeopardizing your livelihood. What's your opinion on the matter? Is it as risky as he makes it out to be? Is it ever worth the risk? Would you do it?
I'll be pleasantly surprised here if I'm proven wrong but my theory on this is that I expect to see men standing on one side of the fence and women on another, for the most part.


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  • It depends on a lot of variables.

    1. Will you look unprofessional or will it damage your reputation?

    2. Is this a career building job for you or is it a part-time job while you are in college or trying to figure out what you want.

    3. Are you dating a co-worker or your boss/subordinate?

    4. How likely is it that you would have to run in to this person on a daily basis if you two have a nasty break-up or things just don't work out?

    5. Are both of you single or is one or both actually attached to someone else?

    Overall, the easy answer is "Don't date a co-worker". But I would say young people in a job that is not part of their career path, can and do date co-workers (not bosses or subordinates) and it can be a great way of meeting someone. For older people it can be a disaster if they are not using good judgment. That's when you read about posts on here where people are dating when they are still married or in a relationship, or dating their boss, or just looking for a casual fling.


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  • I'm in love with my boss, and I told him so. We're not dating or anything. I'm married, he's not.

    I still pursue him, and he toys with me. I want it to go somewhere eventually, but so far he's not been upset with my advances and pursuit of him. I'm holding out. I see divorce in my future at this time as well. He's a great guy, I'd be a fool to drop things and let them wither and die. I think if he'd have been upset at the prospect I'd be in deep, but so far so good. I took the risk, and I'd do it again... It's worth it in my eyes !

  • I agree. I don't date people I work with either. If anything goes wrong it could be bad for business. There are too many people I don't work with for me to take the risk of dating someone I did work with.


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  • hello,

    theres a saying I use in these situations "Dont Sh*t where you eat"

    it sounds crude but the fact is dating and relationships carry a lot of emotional tention from time to time and you don't want this tention in places you can't get away from. ie work.. another place would be sleeping with a flat mate..

  • I have done it and lost a very fine career path. It is a mistake.


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