Do you think Steven Avery is innocent or guilty?

Steven Avery was initially convicted in 1985 of the sexual assault and attempted murder of a local woman. He was later exonerated and released 18 years later, on September 11th 2003.

He has since been accused of the murder and rape of Teresa Halbach, a local photographer who disappeared on October 31st 2005. His nephew, Brendan Dassey, who was 16 at the time of the alleged offence was also arrested in connection to the murder.

Steven Avery's case was the focus of the popular Netflix TV show, Making a Murderer. In the show the defence make the argument that Steven is innocent and that the police planted and/or tampered with the evidence. What many people believe is that the sheriff department wanted to silence Avery, as he was in the process of a mass lawsuit in order to claim damages and compensation for the 18 years he spent wrongfully imprisoned. This lawsuit was also set to embarrass many of the people who had imprisoned him, as it became clear that they had reason to believe that they had the wrong man at the time. Because of their blunder the real assailant was left to roam free until he sexually assaulted another woman and was subsequently arrested.

This link brings you to the timeline of the events involving Avery's case and trial from his very first arrest in 1982.

For more information, watch the Netflix show Making a Murderer as it's a 10 part series.
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It's hard to tell, but the police definitely tampered/planted evidence to make sure he was seen as guilty.
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The police did it.
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Her ex-boyfriend killed her.
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She was murdered by someone else, and the police found her body and used it to their advantage to convict Steven.
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We'll never know for sure.
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Do you think Steven Avery is innocent or guilty?
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