Whats so good about being a male? What is "male privilege"?

I always hear girls, feminists and society go on about white male privilege and superiority etc and i just dont see it.
-Men are 99% of combat deaths
-94% of industrial deaths and accidents
-80% of suicides and 76% of homicides
-women are he party filing for divorce 70% of the time.
-Women recieve custody of children 84% of the time.
-Men experience 70% longer sentences for the same crimes as women.
-70% of the homeless consist of male.

And besides these stats bilology offers women a substantial advantage over men, men must work for female attention and achieve success to be even close as desirable as the average women, where women simply are.
they never even have to lift a finger to be desirable or accepted.
from a young age girls are favoured by parents, in schools and flooded with attention, gifts and special treatment.

So my question is, what is this male privilege everyone speaks of? And dont say the pay gap, thats a proven myth.
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I saw this documentary on a lesbian feminist who became a male for 18 months, and in that time she discovered
1. Both men and women are more helpful to women in public, stores and every other field.
2. Dates as a man werest ever fun, it was just always you trying to prove your even worth her time and had no power at all.
3. Also became alparent male and female sexuality is completely different, men actually desire and are attracted to women and women don't actually desire or crave the oppisite.
Whats so good about being a male? What is "male privilege"?
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