Should females get free tampons and pads?

I can see both the pros and cons:

- Only one of the sexes gets periods and therefor it wouldn't be fair between the sexes if they've to pay for it
- Females don't choose to get the period

- Food, medications etc. is human needs and not everybody can get free supply; things they needs to survive. It's also a necessarily like tampons and pads.
- It would be expensive and is tax payers supposed to pay it?
Should females get free tampons and pads?#Period #FreePadsAndTampons #PadsTampons
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  • No.
    No necessity is free, it's just part of life that you need to purchase it and there are varying levels of brand and quality to help cover a range of economic living situations, including reusable products. Toilet paper isn't free, electricity isn't free, hell - water isn't even free.
    A complete waste of resources to have feminine hygiene subsidised by anyone when there are homeless and starving people out there.

    • Should homeless get free tampons, pads, food etc? Just asks because I'm curios and since you mentioned them.

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    • Your logic is simple to the point I like it. I just stop trying to use that argument that you just made because since I am a guy most girls would just start accusing me of being a sexist.

    • @gianna80 also technically a lot of establishments only let their customers use toilets, so if you're a paying customer you're technically paying for the toilet paper too. As for establishments that don't use this rule, they're still expecting that the majority of people using their toilets are people who are paying customers - or potential paying customers. Toilets are also beneficial in the long run for malls and similar establishments because they increase positive customer experiences. Wouldn't want to go to a mall that didn't have a toilet. So not only do you sometimes have to pay to use the toilet, but in general it's also beneficial in many ways for the establishment to have one.

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  • The fact that we need certain things does not mean that someone else should provide them for us. If I need a girlfriend, should the government import a Russian bride for me? If I "need" a car, should the government give me one? When we say "the government," of course the government can only act by collecting taxes from everyone, so we should be saying "my neighbors should provide me with a girlfriend, or a car, or pay my rent, etc." Why should my neighbors be required to do that.

    These questions contain an inherent deception. "Should females get free tampons and pads?" Where can you get such things at no cost? Nothing is free; someone must pay for it.

    If healthcare could be truly "free," of course it would be great for everyone to have access to the best healthcare. However, it is not free and someone must pay. So the question really is "should your neighbors be required to pay for your healthcare if you cannot afford it yourself?"

    Political conservatives are not opposed to people having access to healthcare but the left makes such accusations to demonize us. Conservatives are opposed to a government which assumes more and more control of our lives because there is no history of any totalitarian government which truly functioned to advance the welfare of the populace.


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  • It's very situational. There were times in Jr. High that I couldn't afford the dime the school nurse charged for pads - my family was well off, but I was not allowed to have more than just the tiniest amount of pocket money. In situations where women are very young or at an extreme economic disadvantage I can see the benefits. In countries where such products are prohibitively expensive and not having them means girls have to stay home from school, I can see the benefits.

    As a very poor American now (none of that family money has made it to me), I still manage to obtain these products without much problem as needed. But I'm also not deciding whether that $10 has to cover a big box of generic brand pads or food for my kids either.

    There are many NGOs worldwide who are trying to get appropriate feminine products into the hands of the women who can't afford them.

    I personally think those who benefit from keeping people in poverty, and away from resources, should pay for the poor to have such things.

  • No. Considering the high quantities of pads and tampons women use, I don't think they should be free. And technically if they were free for women, they wouldn't be free for *someone*. Someone still has to produce these things, they don't just magically appear out of thin air. Just like we all still need to pay for toilet paper, soap, toothbrushes and deodorant. I mean, none of us chose to shit/pee, get our hands dirty or to have cavities, yet we all still have to pay for these things.

    If money is such a huge issue to women who don't want to pay for pads or tampons, I would advise them to buy a period cup instead. It can be used for up to 12h if you don't have an abnormally heavy flow (and even then up to 6h I think), and if you take well care of your cup (wash it every day and boil it before and after every period) you can use it for more than 10 years. That's a single investment of a few bucks, none of the waste of pads and tampons, and the convenience of not having to empty it as often as you need to change a pad or a tampon.

  • Would those absorbent items be of high quality? Would there be a variety of brands to choose from? If the answers are no, then I think those goods shouldn't be free.

    I think part of the reason why pads, tampons, and menstrual cups aren't free is because of production costs that make each product distinct in the market. Would offering them for free mean that women would get to be confined in using a single feature that would probably not meet some women's standards and necessities?

    I think that system would be easily exploited. To counter this, people who offer products free of charge often give products of substandard quality so that it would seem like nothing intrinsic is really lost. It's a lose-lose situation wherein women who use the substandard pads/tampons would not experience products of optimum service and the producers of those absorbent products would have to keep producing and disseminating goods with barely any financial returns.

    • You are 17 and you understand capitalism? BRAVO! You will go far in this world.

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    • @redeyemindtricks I agree with you. It's either companies manufacturing these products for menstruation will be embarking on private charity (which I tackled in my opinion), or the government will be financing the purchase of these products to be distributed freely among health centers or local government units at the disposal of the citizens (which you elaborated).

      A problem I see when governments purchase products for menstruation and distribute them freely is the eventual shortage of these products. When commodities are distributed free of charge, there would be a likelihood that some erring citizens will hoard tens of hundreds of these; women have different cycles. When supplies open to the public are run out (because of hoarding), governments would be purchasing stocks over and over again, only to the aftermath of the eventual abuse of the system committed by citizens motivated by greed instead of need.

    • If a government comes to the point that its budget for the free menstrual products system is non-existent, then I see three possible scenarios that will occur:

      (1) It would be forced to cease the program;
      (2) It would make purchases on account for them to be paid at a later date; or,
      (3) It would ask for sponsorships (which I find ridiculous).

  • In first world countries I really do not see why it is a issue to buy pads and tampons. I mean really. You do not have a few dollars to scrape together each month for a pad or tampon but you can afford a Starbucks coffee all the time with a iPhone and macBook? I never got that logic. People living in POVERTY can get their pads/tampons for free. That is understandable. Like people in my country SA who live in informal settlements with no running water or electricity who has to use portable toilets and have to eat porridge the whole day as it is the only food they can buy.

    I find people in first world countries really do not understand how privileged they are and then they still complain about having to spend a few dollars on sanitary items. I would love for them to visit countries like mine and to see how some people have to live.

    I am sorry that I am coming across as ranty and angry but to see day to day what Americans for example complain about vs what I have to see every day.. i just do not understand it. You come from the worlds richest country but still moan about having to buy a tampon... :/

    • Which country do you live in? I lives in Norway and we Norwegian have no reasons to complain. I started this discussion for fun. But some Americans have reasons to not be happy despite the fact the US is a first world country. It exists homelessness there and they've not the same welfare system like in my country. Homeless people in the US is homeless for different reasons than these in my country.

    • I'm from South Africa. The problem is that there is lots of resources in USA available FOR homeless people as their country is rich, with a very good economy. Countries like mine, who are poor, can not afford the amount of resources a country like USA offers or has. Sure, there is problems with homelessness but surely not everyone complaining about the pads tampons money issue is homeless. IF a homeless person was to demand or ask for free tampons or pads I could understand it. But if you are actually privileged enough to live in a home with running water, electricity, food and a Iphone in your pocket, I do not buy that you cannot afford a tampon or pad and feel like you are suddenly set back by a few dollars each month.

  • Honestly: NO, but not for the reason of sexism or equality. Our bodies are natural, animalistic things that are the product of millions of years of evolution. Our bodies naturally produce all kinds of weird, slimy things we have to take care of. Today, we live in a civilized society where its appropriate to blow your nose and wipe your ass and brush your teeth. Should tissues, toilet paper and toothbrushes be free? No. Should they be available for people who need them, but can't afford them? Absolutely. We end up paying for period products not because we are female... but because it is socially inappropriate to have blood running down your leg. This is exactly the same as toothpaste and soap. Its socially inappropriate to skip the showers entirely and let your teeth grow foul smelling fuzz. Men have a chafing problem that women never have... but you never see medicated powders talked about like tampons and pads. The money we spend on these products are not an example of sexism or unequal expectations. Its just an example of our civilized society having to compromise with our evolved, raw, bleeding, pooping, sweating natural human body.

    • The thing is, women do need all the things men do (toothpaste, toilet paper, shampoo, toilet paper) but men don't need period pads.

      What do you mean with chafing problem? Balls rubbing against the legs or anything like that?
      Never heard a single man say that he was sore because of that.
      So I don't think this is quite comparable, as basically ever women got periods, while that chafing problem is then "just" a medical condition like every other too.
      And if you talk about gender specific medical problems, women are worse off. Bladder infections and all that.

      Don't get me wrong. I do understand your opinion. Just try to explain while acknowledging all of your (valid) points, you can still be in favor of free period products.

  • Guys have to eat more, so are women going to have to subsidize men's food costs so that can be equal?

    I say, how bout we all quit worrying about petty shit and focus on making ourselves better more productive individuals and then the world will be a better place. Someone else paying ridiculously small sums of money to cover the cost of my pads is a stupid waste of time.

  • No. That's dumb. It takes money to make those things. If you make them free, who's paying for this? You want them to take money out of the already abysmal education fund or shit like that and put it towards free menstrual products that only benefit one portion of society? Because i fckn promise you, they're not taking it out of the senators' salaries.

    • I'd rather have free toilet paper than free tampons and pads.

      And also, a package of pads cost about as much as a fucking Frappuccino at Starbucks or a smaller cup of whatever bullshit coffee you get at a shitty hipster vegan coffee espresso bar hell hole. People want to support things like shitty coffee shops and pay 7$ for a shitty cup of nonrefillable coffee, but then they want the government to buy them shit they don't need but would like to have? That's why i don't take it seriously. I don't take any of this seriously because when you've seen people on welfare buying Doritos prime ribs and shit, it kind of numbs you inside. Like, i shouldn't have gone to college. I should've just moved out to the hood and gone on welfare. Shit.

  • sanitary pads and tampons should be available for free to every girl cause there are girls in rural areas and who live on the streets who can't afford such things and its a shame...

    if we don't look after each other who can we expect to look after us?

    (side note~ aren't tampons painful?)

    • I don't know since I've never tried tampons. ^_^ But I doubt they're painful since many choose them over pads.

  • I think they should be free. There are people out there who genuinely can't afford anything past food and other costs. So making someone choose between eating and their sanitary needs is kinda cruel... honestly doubt the extra costs would bankrupt a country

    • Because of the welfare system in my country people can afford basic needs like food, sanitary needs etc. So I thinks it would depend from country to country.

    • Yes definitely because our "welfare system" barely covers day to day living expenses. Sanitary needs are way low on the list... that's why most girls end up missing school during their period because they can't afford pads and tampons

    • It's not a problem among the regular citizen here. It's only drug abusers who's homeless in my country, but nobody else.

  • I don't know why this is suddenly a hot topic. Buy your own stuff. When you're sick, you buy cough syrup. When you want to have sex, you buy condoms. We buy laundry detergent. Vitamins. All sorts of things. Why are pads special? Nothing is free, and why should the government (which is you) pay for everyone's pads, including your own? You want to lobby against the luxury tax, fine. It probably isn't worth the resources, but whatever. However, this nonsense that buying pads is somehow a punishment or unjustly burdening women needs to stop. There are real problems out there. Some girls don't even have access to pass. People die everyday for contaminated water. And we're bent out of shape because of pads. This is such a first world complaint.

  • it's a hygiene and sanitary thing. people dont have to pay for deodorant and showers either but we do it to stay clean. I dont think $5 every 3 months or so is a big deal. women really need to shut up and stop complaining. I dont want my taxes going up because of someone's bloody vag.
    people make those products. they require resources. it's just not fair.

  • It would be nice, just as men might wish for free items in order to shave - especially when a job requires them to be clean-shaven.

    There used to be a time in life when there weren't disposal pads, just like there were cloth diapers - so what did we do? :) There is information online about how to make homemade, reusable sanitary pads. I know it sounds awful having to clean them, but if one is willing, it could save thousands of dollars over her lifetime.

    If cost is an issue, DIY is an option, which is why I think that they should not necessarily be free.

  • Kind of, yes? Like yes I think they should be readily available for free in the same way toilet paper or soap or water are- situationally and not with great quality or quantity. Menstrual hygiene products are pretty basic necessities, and I think it would be a very good idea to make them accessible for people who need them and can't afford them, but obviously it's just not realistic to go around handing out unlimited quantities of free stuff.

  • I don't see why not.
    You can get an abundance of free condoms just about anywhere that doesn't sell them (like schools, medical clinics, birth control clinics, etc..) so.. why not offer free tampons as well? Especially seeing as how periods are something all women get without being given a choice.

    • I don't have a choice about when I have to take a shit, does that mean you should have to pay for my toilet paper?

    • @Loon309
      LOL are you seriously comparing toilet paper to menstrual products.
      anyway, you can receive free toilet paper at most of these places too so best run off and stock up while you can.

  • I said yes here's my biggest argument. You always and I mean always see free condoms everywhere however you never see free pads or tampons. You don't have to have sex, a woman has no choice in having her period

  • Just because they are free doesn't mean they are good. I'd much rather pay for high quality products.

  • I think it should be free for those in need like homeless women, because they don't have any solutions.
    But I've never had a problem with buying tampons and sanitary towels so I don't see the need in it being free.

    • They already are free for homeless people. Every homeless shelter -including those run by churches- give out free handfuls of pads and condoms to all. Homeless individuals as a way to help them and protect them from becoming pregnant. So the shit you're talking isn't only already in place, but it's actually better available and more capable than you're aware.

    • The "shit" I'm talking is based on what I know in my area.
      There are so many homeless people here and there aren't many magical places for them... therefore not everyone has the luxury of walking into a church and being given what they need.

  • There are free pads at my school bathrooms hahaha but my school pays for them. I've seen other places with free pads (restaurants, country clubs, clubs, theatres) in female bathrooms. But the company pays for them, just like they pay for electricity, water, napkins for cleaning hands.

    I think that can work. but free that tax payers must pay for it... i dunno

  • I think women should be given priority in job opportunities so they can take care of themselves. However, the government knowing it is a necessity and some are poor could provide free ones issued by clinics.
    I know that it could cost and could be problematic for homeless and poor people.

    • ya scree men and there lives

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    • Often thats already the case hear in the west ie gender quotas in sectors noticeably less women are interested in like IT but not in areas like modeling.
      Plus you already get a lot of benifits we don't cheaper car insurance , pepole often prefer to rent to women , we die 5% early , most of the time when a specific gender is needed or preferred purely for aesthetic reasons it's women. Men may earn more but when men dominate a sector it's because where more capable or more interested ie anything involving hard labor and the noticeably more common interest in the IT sector get chosen on merit not just because where men or our look is prefered.

    • @sedrftvgyhujik true!! we really dont need to add on to that.

  • I don't think it should be free but it definitely should be cheaper. Like remove the tax or something.
    In Britain, things that are considered essential are without tax.
    Tampons and pads aren't considered essential but mens shaving cream is. Where is the logic in that?

    • Seriously?
      Hard time believing that (with the shaving cream). That's ridiculous.
      Is food taxed in the UK? Because in Germany it is and it's clearly the most essential thing ever.

    • @MarcoIsAFailure yes it's true. No food isn't on the list but crocodile meat is

    • I feel stupid to ask again, but seriously? LOL. Who came up with this?
      But why am I surprised... Tory thought it would be an important issue to legalize fox hunts again. Clearly they got an eye for whats essential for the common folk.

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  • I don't think tampons should be free. Tampons aren't expensive. You can buy many of them for a fairly inexpensive price. They're also available everywhere. Having taxpayers pay for women's tampons is theft really. No one should agree to let taxpayers pay for women's tampons. Get a job, so you can buy your own tampons

  • maybe not free but covered by insurance. in places with universal insurance that would mean free to the subscribers and part of taxes. in the US it would mean women may pick a policy that does or doesn't cover those items

  • After thinking about this for a while, I decided to chose "no".
    On the one hand, I do believe that universal health care could probably pay for these things. And I do believe that women deserve to get these hygiene articles for free.
    But then again, there are other hygiene articles that we all need although we don't want to. I don't want to go to the bathroom but I have to. So I'm forced to buy toilet paper. I'm also forced to buy tooth paste and shampoo and many other things. So who is going to pay for those? And if we're already at this point, why not make food available for free too? I'm obviously not being totally serious but there is a genuinely serious base to these questions. Where do you stop? It would probably be very hard. So, I say "no" for practical and economic reasons, not because I think women don't deserve it.

    • I don't think the argument is so much that all pads and tampons should be available for free (at least that's not the argument I've been hearing) so much as that they should be accessible for free when necessary, like toilet paper or soap in public bathrooms. As with a lot of things, the mistake people are making here is treating it as entirely black and white, without considering that it's possible for something to be available for free to some degree while still being not free more generally.

    • @cipher42 Great point! I agree with you. I guess this kind of changes my mind again...

  • Well, should men get free condom?

    Also, I know girls that are able to restrain their "menstruation" and got time to go to the restroom.
    I don't know if it's possible for everybody. But solutions exists not to use these products, so why bother and all? It's a huge waste..

    • The thing is that period is something females gets and can't control; something they gets against their will. Sex however is something people can choose to do or not to do.

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    • Condoms affect men and women

    • In my country men do get free condoms.

  • No. Feminine cleansing/ hygine products are a huge industry and the income that comes from that plays many ways into the economy of the businesses and stores that sell them. If those products were free, the businesses would stop making them since they would have no reason to profit. If taxes paid for it all, the fiscal budget would have to be adjusted to account for the new program and that would raise all of our taxes. There would need to be safeguards in place to monitor proper use and distribution of the products so they wouldn't be sold for profit illegally. #kotexcartel #padsand'ponsbecomedrugs Finally, the female genetalia has a self cleansing mechanism and the products are a luxury good (similar to blowing your nose in a kleenex) and they aren't necessary. Women still survived and thrived before their invention and widespread use. It is merely human convince and hygine/ disgust for the fact that a women's uterine walls are shed and discharged from the body in the form of discharge. It really is a misunderstood and taboo concept amongst most male circles (I myself only know rudimentary knowledge on the topic.)

  • No. Where does this entitlement mentality come from? How does it get started and where does it end?
    Why should anyone be paying for anything for someone else? I'm just not getting it. And the government shouldn't be paying for anything personal for people - they don't even belong in our healthcare industry.

    • If people can work I'm agreeing in they should earn their own money. Things like food, water, electricity, tooth paste, soap, toilet paper etc. isn't free either and it's human needs. When it comes to health care I thinks it should be free and the part of a welfare society. Not everyone can afford health care and it's expensive. Poverty isn't something people can control and health care is more expensive than basic grocery needs. I thinks as a society people should contribute so everyone can get an opportunity to a decent life quality. Life doesn't need to be more unfair than necessary.

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    • So from my point of view I thinks caring about other humans and letting the general population getting a decent life quality is important. Bad things happens us all and some gets more severe, so if the community helps each other the world doesn't need to be more unfair and worse than necessary. Poverty isn't only something that exists in the 2nd and 3rd world countries, it's a thing in 1st world countries like the US too. In Norway; my country, no citizen needs to starve to death and you don't need to live as a worthless trash despite your economical situation. Yes, they still face challenges, but not more than necessary.

    • Hmmm... you sound like you can decide for people better than they can. This is a typical liberal/socialistic/communistic approach that many of us don't buy into. And you argue with the exceptions rather than the rule or the norm. in my opinion it's all a fail. But whatever, you're entitle to your opinions.
      No, no free tampons! :)

  • Just because the item is a necessity, does not mean that those things should be free. This goes along with many things in life. We could say that all people with Diabetes should have their test strips for free? It doesn't make sense.

    • People with diabetes actually gets things free in some welfare countries because of high taxes.

  • Until our current economic model is fixed, it would be a huge burden to the tax class to add free stuff. It's also a slippery slope. If you give out free tampons/pads, some angry MGTOW will demand free toilet paper and baby wipes, since he "didn't get to choose whether or not he has a functioning butthole".

    In a perfect world, I would say yes, definitely. But it's not perfect, and I shouldn't have to pay for your pads and tampons anymore than you should.

  • Get a fucking job and pay for your own necessities. If it is "free", who ends up paying for it? Someone eventually pays the bill.

    Something should only be covered by the government if it benefits all people equally. Sewage, water, police, fire dept, basic education. Things that are utilized unequally should not be covered by the govt. Food, university/college, medical, and... pads/tampons

  • Who's going to pay for it. more government means less freedom, plus government money will increase cost as tampons now can draw on a limitless supply of dollars and don't need to keep costs low.

    I don't expect for girls to pay for male expenses for any reason even if men suddenly had an equivalent need, it's not fair for anyone to pay for someone else under penalty of law for any reason.

  • No, I do not think that is a good idea. The feminine product business is a business like any other, and introducing a "free" product (I use quotations because federal or state government would still have to pay for them, by use of tax dollars, whether that means purchasing them from manufacturers or building a manufacturing plant themselves ) would lead to lost jobs and a lower GDP for America.

  • No and it's purely political as to why. Free markets work better and if government provided products like tampons they'd probably be worse quality, and of course our tax dollars would have to go towards things that don't necessarily affect us. So no, pay for your own tampons.

  • No. Everybody should pay for their needs, because fulfilling those needs somewhere cost money and effort. You are paying for other people to make them for you. This is something alompng the line that should condoms be free? Only one gender needs to put them on (and is expected to carry them). The answer is obviously no in that case as well.

  • Then medication should be free. Not all people get sick and the ones the do don't choose to become sick.

    • Health care is free in my country.

    • In my country (Sweden) some of it is almost free because of income taxes though medication is still expensive. Sometimes I can't afford seeing a doctor or pay for my medication.

    • Going to a doctor and going to a dentist costs money here too. If you're very poor and sick it's possible to get a bit support.

  • No: people pay for other necessities (water, food, shaving gear, etc...) themselves too. Remember that men need to eat more. In a broader societal context it could easily be argued that men pay more into social security and healthcare insurance/taxes than they get out of it, but of course women pay more for other things. I think the standard where large, catastrophic costs are shared and small costs are individualized is a good solution and feminine hygiene products are a small expense.

  • No, it would be subsidized by taxpayers if that were the case. I do not understand how people (both male and female alike) feel that they are entitled to free shit. We live on a planet of limited resources. That mentality makes absolutely no sense. In my opinion, the only way that such a system could be justified would be if we lived in a resource based economy-- which we do not.

  • Only if condoms are also free for us. We dont get to choose to have blue balls either.

    But then who is going to fund these manufacturers and companies, who produced them?

    • You can choose to not have sex, but you can't choose to not get the period if you're a female. You can't control it.

    • I know. Our gender just has one less hygienic thing to worry about.
      But eventually it you don't have sex in any form you may likely experience blue balls, which can be taken care of free of charge by masturbating unlike buying pads.

      Still my stance remains, that nothing is free. It costs money to produce these pads and if no one will find them, then nobody will be able to produce them.

    • Fund them *

  • No. They already get their asses kissed in pretty much every other way imaginable, I shouldn't have to pay for their fucking pads, too. Fuck them. Bleed, bitch. It's not my problem. Stop spending your money on going out with your girlfriends, looking for strange cock, and buy some godsdamned pads.

  • Nope. why should they? if I made a product I wouldn't just give it away for free. I want to make an empire and become a business man...

  • Yeah dude, let's make industries work for free, nothing wrong with that right?
    Come on bruh, if they made tampons free then tissue paper should be free since we all need that, and all basic food and clothes should be free since we all need that... see where this is going?

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