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Around this day and age people have stopped thinking for themselves. At least most people.

They prefer to stay up to date with norms and follow their directions. Which in turn creates this predictable society for people that are aware/observant.

Some people might abuse this unoriginal mass of people, others might not care about it too much. It differs from person to person.

On my end, I think it's petty tiring. I think that most norms are cringe inducing. So it's difficult to find people I can enjoy to consider my friend, and/or girlfriend.

That's why, when I broke up with my ex, I got a bit worried. Of course I can move on, but the difficult thing will be finding a girl that is very aware and observant...

I'll be honest, I've never met a girl (so far) that has been very aware/observant. So it kind of worries me.

Now, some people might be confused with what I mean by: "Aware" and "Observant". To be quite honest I'm not even sure if those words are suitable for this particular situation. But it's all that comes to mind.

Well, what I mean by Aware and Observant is that the person has a few specific understandings of the world.

I think that an Aware and Observant person is able to tell when they're going to far, basically in a nutshell, they understand the basics of how to treat others and when to treat others what way.

I personally think that an Aware/Observant person is able to tell how they themselves feel, and why. And that if they feel a certain way, they'll understand why. And won't affect others negatively if they happened to be sad or mad.

I believe that someone who can understand their surroundings and adapt to them without having the pressure to please others is aware/observant. Someone that understands the importance of individualism, but at the same time adapts to others when necessary.

And one thing that frustrates me a lot and has for a long time... The norms obsession with sexual culture.

I've typed 2000 letters so... It ends he
Do you agree with me??
Do you agree with me?
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