What do you think about diversity and representation in movies and TV-Series?

I watched some video about a group of non-white Brits talking about the lack of representation of themselves in movies and TV-Series, but they mentioned "especially in historical series/period drama", made them feel less British because they're not included in it.

What do you think though?

Can't find whole video I watched on YouTube but Brits you can find it on BBC iPlayer.

  • I hate the racial diversity in movies/series
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  • I just don't like racial diversity when it's out of place (not historically correct etc.) or forced
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  • I don't mind it/don't pay attention to it
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  • I'm all for racial diversity, even if it's historically incorrect and all
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  • History vs. Fiction: Most historical films are in some ways, if not significant ways fiction. This is because many of the plots and stories and elements aren't taken from real accounts. No one writes the dialogue.

    However with that said the film must contain some semblance of realism. If you do a film about poland in the early 1900's you'll find few blacks. If you do a film about compton in 1995 you'll find absolutely no whites.

    L. A. Riots... Should we do a film about the LA riots or civil rights marches with an all white cast? Would that generate outrage? How about a white Martin Luther King?

    historical period films should contain the type of people true to the film. However there always were a few FEW minority people who were part of society. Goods traders who used to operate a selling post near town and moved in when things changed etc. So yes there's going to be a reasonable amount of non-whites that could be cast. But if you're doing a film about Native Americans should we really cast Indians from India as Chiefs?

    • The last samurai starring jewish actor Tom Cruise... lol Na I agree the PC shit is out of control... its all just feelings...

    • @Blake0048 Exactly, Leonard Nemoy once played a Native American in a film. But back then most people didn't see any or know any and it was all just a fictional account of what hollywood's best guess was. So much of the stuff we think today is cultural appropriation or offensive were things the people didn't even do. Sure we knew there's some things Natives wore but once you turn it over to the set design they're having to deal with the stylists for what looks good on camera, what will create a story. As a screen writer myself (nothing sold yet, woohoo, success!) you don't write anything into the story that's not part of it. So if a tribe wore a special belt unless you can write that into the story somehow for any reason it may be ditched and costumes or behaviors altered.

      Also, Blake, we know damn well nothing in the dialogue is an accurate o ra historical account. Yet we have people to this day swearing to learn history by movies.

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  • I don't like it


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  • That's stupid. They are trying to represent a period of time where the nation was almost exclusively white then the cast will be by extension exlusively white. If they really consider themselves British then whats the problem? I mean if race doesn't matter then they have nothing to argue about because again, race doesn't matter and these people are giving an accurate representation of the racial demographic at that time period. The only way they can be against this is if they think race does matter in which case why are they attempting to marginalize and trivialize whites? In both scenarios they have no argument and in one of them they are actively trying to undermine another group for their own benefit. Look at the rest of the world, any non white nation, will they be diverse in their movies and shows? How about just in every day life? No. Only in white nations will you see real and true diversity in all areas of life. Its funny that these people, who's own native countries would never show diversity in any way (and in some cases not even allow outsiders to be permanent residents in their country) will criticize the west for their so called "lack" of diversity. Its despicable and racist. Let them fight this lack of diversity where their is actually a lack of diversity, in their native countries. I mean honestly, how do you go to a predominantly white nation where you are given every right that those whites have (arguably more) and then turn around and complain because in a nation of predominantly white people the predominant people in any given industry are white? Again, this is clearly a racially motivated notion designed to undermine those nations. Its despicable.

  • I think people that think having, in a hypothetical situation, a lesbian atheist black woman to be a part of the cast of a show about the Royal Navy in the 1700s to be a good thing aren't doing any favors for themselves because it feels forced and would make absolutely no sense in historical context. If she is a part of a cast in a drama show about models in New York taking place in the 2000s, then I have absolutely no problem with it.

  • Its not only about movies... check the new Call of Duty... WWII... and you'll see Black German SS Man how to try kill you with knife or hear Women voice commands to the soldiers... these kind of powered and pressed correctness is really over the line...

    PS: There really exist two SS units with Black and Arabian men.. but definitelly not in Europe fights...

  • If they want people of their skin colour or "race" to act in more movies and TV series, they should do it themselves.
    You will get hired because you're good for the job, not because of the need to meet racial quotas.

  • i don't have a problem with it, I mean there are millions of non white americans so it'd be weird if I did have a problem with it

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