Would you give business to one that discriminates against LGBTQI people?

In Australia, we're voting on same sex marriage, which is projected to be approved of, and some politicians are discussing protecting the rights of moral objectors (for example, cake businesses and celebrants).

Do you think people should be able to refuse business to LGBTQI people? Would you give business to one that discriminates? Why or why not?

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  • no i wouldn't. in fact i personally boycotted chic-fi-la when they were still supporting camps that tried to convert LGBT people... it was a tough boycott since i love their chicken. thankfully they changed that policy

    i certainly wouldn't want to support businesses that support bigotry or intolerance

    • You do know it’s because it’s in their religion to not associate with gays right? Who are you to discriminate that?

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    • I did too!

    • I just re-read my own reply and it made no sense. Because it wouldn’t make sense for a person that gets rejected by that company in the first place to try and give them business lol

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What Guys Said 109

  • Yes I’d still give business. What they believe or support is none of my business. Trying to restrict someone’s views is totalitarian in nature. As long as they don’t cause disorder or any trouble at my business, I see no other reason to refuse service to anyone regardless if they are LGBT, neutral or against LGBT.

    • Also if the business (es) want to reject money just because someone is a tad different is totally on the business owner.

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    • @FakeName123 Should companies be free to hire only whatever groups that they so choose?

    • @JenSCDC

      Yes. Absolutely. If they hire someone less qualified, because of their own biases, then that's their very own loss.

  • No voters in Australia are being made to live in fear. Persecuted in the very ways they are accused of persecuting, as if all gays are Matt Shepherd, which is patently ludicrous. (A whole lot more of them are more like Adam Walsh's killer than they ever were like Shepherd. Never mind he was killed by other gays, over drug money, in their own admission. Facts don't matter to biology deniers and communists utilizing sexual anarchism anyway.)

    Australia is also a land where, in the People's Republik of Viktoria, being in possession of pro-life thoughts, let alone signs, within a 2-US-football-field-length radius of an abortion chop shop house of horrors yields you an automatic $5,000 fine.

    Does such a draconian policy help the unborn? Of course not? The mothers? Hardly! Many who have had pro-life groups intervene have stated they are thankful for the intervention, as they were coerced into going to the clinic anyway, and only went because they had been prior led to believe that abortion was their *only* real choice.

    Does society really benefit? No, not really. Who's gonna hold down the future jobs needed to keep social welfare programs alive, when half of everyone's been aborted?

    Who does benefit? The chop shop horror house operators. And no one else. Why the insane radius of no dissent allowed? To maximize profits. Plain and simple. Pure evil.

    Aussies who speak out against this are often instantaneously made second-class citizens.

    Straight sex makes babies, gay sex only shorten's lifespan. It's a deathstyle. Abortion is murder-for-profit.

    So I am with the groups that side with life, and the Author of life.

    With all the different health conditions that can destroy a colon, why would any sane human being force any other, as a condition of doing business, to stamp personal approval and affirmation on a preventable behavior that also destroys it?

    Tribut fer Essen is a policy that needs to die. If I prefer Chinese women to German women, why should I make a family starve for disagreeing with my taste?

    And what gives pervs that right? And rights come with attached implied responsibilities. What are LGBTQPIZ's responsibilities, if the entire movement is about tearing down sexual responsibility?

  • Though i don't agree with it, private businesses should be allowed to run their businesses any way they see if. Now with that being said, these same businesses should deservedly incur the wrath of the consumers if they decide to discriminate against people for any reason. Won't make a wedding cake for gay marriages? Cool. I'll just broadcast for all the see, and let the court of public opinion handle the rest.

  • A business is not a person. Therefore the views of the owner should not reflect upon who they serve. It's called discrimination. If they refuse service to someone not related to race, religion, creed, sexuality. That's fine. But a business I'd a business not a person.

  • so every 6 months you ad a letter?
    last time I checked it was only LGBTQ and before that it was only LGBT.
    and yeah I will never have any relationship with someone who is proud to be asking or fighting for these "rights"

    • Thats okay, they wouldn't want to be with you anyway.

    • what a relief, that makes me so happy
      thank god I wouldn't have to ask every new one about their stance

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What Girls Said 57

  • Personally I wouldn’t continue using their services based on something like that, but I’m hesitant in choosing what side of the law that should lie on.
    I’m all behind lgbt and support everyone’s right to their relationship. But I feel that making private business put aside their own beliefs in certain circumstances is wrong - but my opinions are too specific it kind of makes it silly lol.
    Like I support a bakery declining a gay wedding cake as it goes against the bakers religious beliefs.
    But I don’t support a bakery declining service at all to a gay man wanting to buy lunch.
    So I guess where the service is specifically contributing to something a private business feels an ethical dilemma, they should be free to decline business

  • They can't refuse service to people of color or differing religions or cultures. Why should they be allowed to refuse service to LGBT people?

    As a matter of fact, they can't refuse service NOW. Why would the law be changed to ALLOW discrimination?

  • What people do in their bedroom is none of our business. I can understand a church refusing to marry a gay couple. A for-profit business should not refuse to offer service to a person just because their legal lifestyle contradicts some people's opinions. I'm black and I've had racist people serve me!!!

  • Oh wow. Let me say that not all christians don't associate with lgbtqi people, that's a stereotype but some do don't associate and I do confess I fall into that stereotype back in high school but not anymore, some do associate with them which I think are the real or mature christians because we can still respect and love them as long the line isn't crossed over for each Christian, not all Christians have the same opinion on what's too far lol. For the cake business, I'm guessing it crossed their line of belief because they think they are supporting their lesbian marriage if they do the cake so that gets blurry. If I were the cake owners, I would have done their cake because I respect that community and I do think all adults have the right who to marry besides family of course and it doesn't bother me unless their design does but I discriminate any design that crosses my line because i can't be ok with all or any design i'm not ok with. All businesses are allowed to refuse service within reason, dang I sound like a hypocrite or bigot lol here is an example of logic -- someone wants me to print "God sucks"on shirts, that I would refuse because it goes against my belief and I can't be part of that in spreading that kind of lie. I hope this makes sense, respect and right to opinion are the points here

  • Yes, because it’s a double sided discrimination. If a business can’t cater to a same sex wedding because of their religion that is 100% justified, so who is LGBTQI people to BE THE ONES who discriminate against their religion if their all about “support every race, religion, sexuality” slogan, they should respect that other people have religions that go against them. So definitely yes.

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