Who's ready for world war 3?

I hate the fact racism and discrimination is still exist.

Hasn't anyone f**king learned from the past?

We're gonna be the cause of our own extinction...

Why can't all our leaders as well as racist f**ks just learn to get along!!!

Do they want everyone on this earth to die.

Why do we even go to war? What is the real reason?

We get told lies... so why the f**k should we believe our leaders?

We should just get them all to stand down/ and resign.

And put grown up, mature people in charge who know what they are doing. Not have those in charge who act like dumb kids.

DO NOT vote for people like Donald Trump and Theressa May who love to discrimate ethnicities and kill poor people and talk of war!!!

They are the corrupt scum... they don't care about the people of their country!!!

I bet all countries just want peace... but our leaders don't give us it...

They rather watch us suffer while they sit on their arse and talk s**t!!!

This is really p*ssing the F**K off!!!
Who's ready for world war 3?
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