What should I wear on the first day of school?

Okay I'm a guy wondering what I should wear. I have three outfits or you can make a suggestion of your own.

First outfit:

black tee shirt

black northface

light levis

black and red shoes (I only have black and red is it OK to wear red even though I don't have anything else red on?)

Second outfit:

Blue tee shirt

black northface

black and blue retro jordan 1's.(google them)

and dark levis

Third outfit:

grey hoodie

white tshirt

dark levis

gray jordan retro 11s (google them if you haven't seen them)

I'm lost on what to wear. And is it okay for me to wear like a white t shirt regular jeans and multi colored shoes? I got these really nice shoes but don't have a shirt to go with them so can I wear them like that or is it ugly? Thnanks.


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  • Blue tee shirt black northface black and blue retro jordan and dark levis

    That sounds cute(:


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  • Just wear what you feel comfortable and attractive in. If it's warm or hot where you live, a tshirt and jeans with some cool sneakers is always good! Just throw on a hoodie if you need to. Personally I think the second choice sounds best :]

  • Actually the white t shirt and multicolored shoes sounds great.

    Well of it's a tight shirt then it's better ^.^

    besides that the first one is good too


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