Why lebanon hate isreal what is there problem ( by the way I am indian and have nothing to do with them (?

So i was watching gal gadot's wonder woman i uploaded a story of her's and then one of my lebanon friend commented and i found this
.. why they hate so much that even in their cou try its banned? Why dont they solve this issue..Why lebanon hate isreal what is there problem( by the way  i am indian and have nothing to do with them(?


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  • First of all, Israel exists. That's enough reason for a lot of people to hate Israel.

    Secondly, Israel has fought a couple wars in Lebanon and occupied a bit of Lebanon until 2000.

    Propaganda against Israel and Jews in Lebanon is still going strong, which results in malign sentiments.

    What doesn't help as well is leaders of the terrorist group Hezbollah (which is very large in Lebanon) constantly threatening to destroy Israel.

    • And then there was the 'joint action' of the Israeli army and Christian militias in Sabra and Shatilah Sep 16, 1982 – Sep 18, 1982

  • Due to 1978 South Lebanon conflict and 2006 Lebanon War. The usual geopolitical tension in that region.

  • hitler, and wwii


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