Is he even worth it anymore?

I met this guy this summer. We both go to the same college, and we know some of the same people because he's in a fraternity and I'm in a sorority. We randomly met one night, he was party hopping and I was out side of a party talking to a friend of mine. He ended up finding me on facebook and talked to me on facebook chat We had a decent conversation and he asked for my number, so I gave it to him.

It all happened pretty quick. I bumped into him the day after we exchanged numbers, and he texted me later that day asking if I wanted to get dinner. We went to this nice little Greek restaurant and we had a great time and he paid for everything. While he was driving me back he asked if I wanted to drink with him and his roommates and his buddies ,but we'd have to wait for them to text him.. I thought since there were gonna be some more people it would be OK,

The two of us played kings. He changed the rules to questions to get to know each other. He asked me if I wanted some more beer, but didn't try to talk me into having more when I said no. Then he said " I could go for a bear hug right now" I ignored him the first time, but the second time, I said " I could go for one too" He gave me a hug then held me for a bit and tried to kiss me. I was explaining why it was not a good idea to kiss , but he gave me a quick peck. We talked a little more and then started to make out I know I was giving mixed signals. I liked him, but didn't want to rush things or want him to think I was easy. Plus I'm pretty sure guys like a challenge.

We went to his buddy's house later. He texted me asking me to "snuggle" with him the whole night and sleep over. I straight up told him no. We went back to his house for a bit and made out some more. He tried to talk me into staying but we started to get tiered so I left. When I left he text me all sorts of sexual things and how much I turned him on.

we were playing the "question game" when I asked him if dinner was a date he said "it was more just getting to know each other" and I asked him if he was even looking for anything and he said "not now, but maybe when the school year starts up."

We still have been texting and facebook chatting. He asks me about things that have been going on in my life and what I've been up to. Is he into me or just playing me?

I invited him to my firends for dinks>.My friend Jerry was gonna tell me if thought he was a player or not. The guy I was into texted me and seemed up for it but then stopped texting me. Then I got a random text 12-1am asking if I wasnted to come over and "cuddle and watch a movie." I was saying no and he said that "I'm not after a piece of ass if that's what your woried about." I still didn't go over or let him come over. Is he just after a piece of a**? and is he even worth it anymore?
Is he even worth it anymore?
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